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The most expensive domains

The Internet has been spreading around the world for 30 years, even though it has existed for several years. Even then many “visionaries” sensed that the internet is an interesting source of activity to be exploited. And they were not wrong.

Many people register domain names with the hope that one day they will be able to sell them because someone will want to buy them, making a profit. On dropcatch platforms, it is possible to flush out nuggets, called Premium Domain Names, considered as rare virtual real estate assets, with high potential. Then you just need to be vigilant to get them up for auction at the right time.

If the cost of acquiring a virgin domain name is around ten euros (the price varies according to the type of extension), that of Premium domain names can increase very quickly as indicated in the following list of the most expensive domain names sold up to to date. – $ 345 million: Information on the domain: this domain was purchased in 1999 for the relatively high sum of 7.5 million dollars. Then, a few years later, there were proposals to buy from the New York Times and the Dow Jones, but in the end, this domain was sold to RH Donnelly, one of the world’s 500 biggest fortunes and director of a business. in the SEO universe. For the sum of about $ 350 million, he inherited the domain name but also all the previous content. Undoubtedly we could ask ourselves whether or not to integrate in this ranking, because the amount of the sale includes various factors in addition to the simple domain name. Between 1999 and 2007, the value of the domain name was multiplied by 47, which means an amazing investment! – $ 90 million: this domain name appears to have been purchased by the same owner of for $ 90 million. It should be noted that the buyer was able to take advantage of ease of payment by paying 12 million on the first payment and then spreading the remaining sum over several years, which is the minimum he could do! – $ 49.7 million: In 2010, a few months after the acquisition of various interesting domain names in the insurance industry, Quinstreet paid out approximately $ 50 million to purchase the domain, one of the 4 most expensive domains purchased and included in our top 20 of the most expensive domain names. – $ 35.6 million: also purchased in 2010 by the same company Quinstreet, this domain reaches the portfolio of the three domains in their possession in the competitive universe of insurance companies. – $ 35 million: purchased in 2009 by Brian Sharpies, founder of HomeAway (who had taken over the French site Abritel in 2007). The latter admitted that he purchased this domain name to prevent his Expedia competitor from not doing it in his place! – $ 30.1 million: Nations Luxury Transportation, LLC purchased this domain in 2012 for more than $ 30 million for its rental, sale and purchase platform for private jets. Logical. – $ 18 million: Is it the source of it all? Who wouldn’t be happy to own this domain name? this is where the internet begins! – $ 16 million: one of the 4 least expensive acquisitions of QuinStreet! This domain name was originally acquired by for $ 1.6 million and then resold 8 years later for $ 16 million. It was then the first purchase made by QuinStreet in the insurance sector. – $ 14 million: this domain name is considered to be the equivalent of Rue de la Paix in the Monopoly game; he even entered the Guinness Book of Records, thus underlining the many twists and turns of his existence. In 1995, entrepreneur Gary Kremen (founder of registered but did not use it to develop a site, he preferred to focus on The domain name was recovered by third parties following a scam worthy of the best detective films: a fake fax number, activities for tens of thousands of dollars a month, escape to Mexico. Its slightly sulphurous story even led to the publication of a book: One Domain, Two Men, Twelve Years and the Brutal Battle for the Jewel in the Internet’s Crown (1). Resold in 2010 on Sedo, its valorisation was estimated at approximately $ 14 million.

1). One domain, two men, twelve years old and the brutal battle for the Internet crown jewel. – $ 12.5 million: Just like, the sale and ownership of this domain name has experienced numerous vicissitudes in the history of the domain name market. In the United States, the IRS is the agency of the federal government that receives income tax and a other taxes. While paid $ 12.5 million to buy the domain name, the US Congress envisaged regulating the use of domain names similar to government agency names, claiming that certain sites such as irs. com, and sold services that American taxpayers could instead obtain for free on the official IRS website ( Intersearch then stated that the current law prohibited the use of the Internal Revenue Service name and its initials, logos and symbols to make it a trade, but that the aforementioned law did not extend to domain names. – $ 11 million: the domain name was purchased by David Roche as part of the Expedia group. – $ 9.9 million: In 2008, Clek Media negotiated the sale of the domain name for approximately $ 10 million. – $ 8.8 million: Rick Schwartz bought and sold the domain name for a 4700% gain. In fact, he bought it for $ 42,000 from a student who previously bought it for $ 5,000. – $ 8.5 million: it is the giant Facebook that made the acquisition, in 2010, of the 2-letter domain name (commonly called FB.COM. FB is the abbreviation used by Nasdaq but also by numerous users to talk about Facebook. (just like returns to the Facebook site, and the internal email addresses of Facebook employees use @ A short domain, however, worth 8.5 million dollars. – $ 8.2 million: the provider of marketing and technology solutions for professionals of the real estate group Market Leader has paid about 8.25 million dollars to buy thanks to an agreement that includes not only the domain name and website, but also a network of over 250 brokerage firms and hundreds of other real estate domains. – $ 8 000 000: the founders of WeChat and Tencent (the largest Internet service portal in China) obtained the short domain for an estimated amount of approximately $ 8 million during an agreement concluded with If I give. – $ 7 million: sold in 2004 for $ 7 million to Thought Convergence Inc, domain name registration office. Health! ? – $ 6.7 million: There are only six one-letter domains in the world with generic top-level domain extensions: Q.COM, X.COM, Z.COM, I.NET, Q .NET, and Z.COM. The latter was sold for 800 million yen to GMO Internet, one of the largest internet access and registration office providers in Japan. – $ 5.8 million: In May 2008, the domain name was sold for $ 5.88 million to an unknown buyer. When the registration office announced that the name would be put up for sale, the auction then started at $ 5.5 million and the name was sold in just six days. The previous owner – an American of Jewish origin – did not know it was so valuable when he made the acquisition in 1994, explaining that he had deposited it to prevent someone else from doing it incorrectly. & $ 5.5 million: these two domain names were sold each for $ 5.5 million to various buyers and in various periods: in 2003 and In 2010.

The second domain name market is in perpetual motion, so there is a high probability that this list of the 20 most expensive domain names will evolve in the future.