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The buying and selling of domain names: a profitable and booming market

In these times of Covid-19 many companies have thought of turning to the internet and diving into the world of online commerce.

This has also increased a market here in Italy that has long been in the U.S. it is a source of high earnings: the buying and selling of domain names.

But what are domain names? For those who still do not know are the words that are written in the address bar of any web browser to find a site, are the words that come after the www. and before the extension .com .it .eu etc.

Let’s take a practical example, if I want to sell cars I will buy an or domain, if I want to sell real estate I will buy or

The reason why these domain names are attractive is because for search engines they are relevant to the topic of the site and therefore they will appear on the front page looking for “cars” or looking for “properties”.

The most profitable domain names for the sale, in order of importance, are: .com .it .eu .net .org and in some cases also the .info.

Just do a search and it is always the domains with these extensions that appear on the first page in the search engines.

There are also marketplaces that allow domain name resellers to sell their domains. The news these days is that these specialized marketplaces signal a strong purchase of domains that contain the keywords “coronavirus”, “covid-19”.

According to the immunologist Mantovani, scientific director of Irccs Humanitas and emeritus professor of Humanitas University, one of the most cited immunologists in the world, the vaccine for the virus will be available at the end of the year or at the beginning of next year and then many houses pharmaceutical companies will certainly purchase a domain that contains the keyword “covid-19” and “coronavirus” in order to be visible on the first pages of the search engines.

Those who bought this type of domains have certainly made an excellent investment and will certainly find whom to resell it to.

In fact, domains such as “”, “”, “”, “” are for sale on the website.

Other domains that go a lot these days are related to the keyword “”, “”, “”.

But even in times of Covid-19 domains of all kinds are sold and belonging to the most diverse categories and based on the type of domain.

Given the new post-Covid-19 lifestyle, new perspectives open for products that were previously only purchased in-store.

“Entering post-Covid Phase 2 – explains Stefano Cini, Marketing Analytics Director of Nielsen Connect Italy -, we have crossed the threshold of a New Renaissance, which focuses not on man tout court, but the individual who places digital at the base of Maslow’s pyramid. During Covid-19, the weather – continues Cini – is as if it had received an acceleration, making us land in a future era where every need, from food purchases to the use of the media, is declined according to digital technology, supporting structure and point of non-return of the new humanism. “

The macro categories of the new digital humanism are the world of simplification, the pharmaceutical sector, the tourist world and the social world.

Very important domain names for these new e-commerce are “”, “” and “”, these too are on sale on

Many people are forced home and one way to help them is by providing psychological support via the internet via video calls.

The domains of this type are “”, “”, “ “and “” also available on

These are the best domains selected in the current context for those who want to be successful in the near digital future.

The domain buying and selling market has always been booming, for example in the U.S. many domains have reached six-zero digits.

Here are some examples: – $ 345 million. | – $ 49.7 million. | – $ 18 million. | – $ 17 million.

In Italy: – ​​55,000 euros | – ​​43.560 euros.

It is clear that, given the figures reached by these domains, spending a few thousand euros for a domain name that we are sure will bring advertising, customers and therefore profit is not something to be underestimated.

The prices for the domains mentioned above vary from 990 to 2500 euros, visit the site, to find further interesting and selected domains.

In addition to the sale of domains, we offer the domain name including the website already created and ready to begin the sales activity. Obviously the complete online business package already operational in which you only need to insert the products of the domain + site buyer, online business will cost more.

The market for the sale of domain names is very profitable both for those who resell the domains and for those who buy them and have earnings from the site that will surely appear on the first page of the search engines and will be found by more buyers looking for the product that you want to sell.