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Domain extensions

Here are the 5 most common ones and which one you should use.

When looking for a domain name for your business, whether it’s a personal blog or a portfolio site, there are some important aspects to consider. First of all, think of something that is easy for your potential users to remember and that does not contain numbers, grammatical errors or hyphens. Secondly, find a domain that reflects your brand, whether it’s including its name, slogan or keywords associated with your ideal audience niche. Last, but not least, think critically about which top-level domain – the internet extension of your site – makes the most sense for your specific needs. On this page, we’ll show you the five most common domain extensions.

A domain extension is the combination of characters following the “dot” in a web address.
It is used to designate categories or as a country code for websites.

What are the five most common domain extensions?
Choosing a recognizable domain extension can help you branding your online business. Here the five most popular internet suffixes.


The internet suffix you are going to choose has much more importance than you can imagine. Let’s go deeper into the five most popular internet extensions in order to understand which you should consider adopting for your site.

What are the most popular website extensions

  1. .com
    For those who are still wondering, the .com extension is the best known and used among the top level domains (TLD). It was originally designed almost exclusively for commercial purposes, but today it is simply the most widespread. If you are thinking about which domain extension to choose, .com is always a good option if available.

The top level .com domain is excellent for users, because it is familiar.
Humans are creatures of habit. Many visitors have spent the past ten years or more reaching .com sites through their browsers, which is why they are so accustomed to hearing this extension that they automatically associate it with a new domain heard by chance. It is not a fatality therefore, simply because of the fact that there is a version of your domain with the .com extension, someone may accidentally happen on that site instead of yours, for pure human error.

The .com extension is not only the most popular because of its familiarity with users. In fact, many SEO companies claim that the .com domain helps in search rankings. Analyzing the situation from the point of view of backlinking (links that link to a site), a .com domain has unrivaled authority compared to any of the new domain extensions. Therefore, based on backlinking, you generate more credibility and interest by using a .com domain than other top-level domains.

There seem to be only pros in choosing the .com extension, but there are also some cons. The main reason for tacking on a different extension is mainly the fact that the domain with the .com extension has already been taken by someone else. Since the internet has spread, many small investors have bought .com domains to resell them at a higher cost. So if your domain with a .com extension belongs to someone who doesn’t use it, you may have to pay the owner a little more to get hold of it.

In short, if you have the opportunity to grab a .com extension, don’t miss it. However, if you can’t find a good .com – or don’t plan on investing money to buy the rights from some other user – there are other options available.

  1. .net
    Like the .com, the .net internet extension is open to all. Originally created with the aim of being used for networks and service providers, it has now become a valid alternative to .com. The .net could be a good choice for technology companies – or applications – having its roots in technology.

Many people associate .net with web-related services and applications.
If your business operates in this field, the .net extension could be for you and would give more credit to your services. In addition, the .net is less required than the .com, so the chances of your favorite domain being free are greater.

Precisely because it is associated mainly with technology, the .net is little taken into consideration by other businesses so as not to displace their users with a little similar extension. For example, if you have a cookie company and opt for the .net extension, a domain like in your head seems perfect. Instead on the web the opposite happens, that is users could don’t find the right one for your business.

Website domain extensions: the most common

  1. .it
    Another popular extension in Italy is the .it. Compared to the domains mentioned above, open to anyone in the world, the .it is reserved only for Italian citizens. Whether you are an individual, a company or a non-profit organization, you must necessarily be a resident or have your business registered in Italy in order to take advantage of the .it extension.

The sites that make the most of the .it extension are those that aim to identify their brand with the territory by evoking notes of patriotism.

In short, the .it extension is perfect for example for business sites and companies related to “made in Italy”, but it would not make any sense for other purposes, especially if the activity does not operate in Italy.

Other options for web extensions
The ones listed above are definitely the ideal web extensions to start with, but they are not the only options available. There are in fact over 1,500 top-level domains available in addition to the five just mentioned. Here is a short list of the most popular domain extensions:

.gov – Limited to government agencies
.edu – Limited to educational institutions
.info – An open extension focused on information
.xyz – An extension open for any use
.ly – Libya country code, but used by several startups who like to play with words
There are many considerations to make when you want to find the perfect domain name for your site. Not only must this reflect your personality or the identity of your brand, but it must be easy to remember and write and also you must also choose the most appropriate domain.

If you are thinking of registering a new domain using one of the most popular web domain extensions, you should consider in order to find the one that best fits your business. The best part? You can also delegate everything to our site platform and build your site without problems.