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Companies! A single domain is not enough to be visible on the web

In the renaissance of the post-Covid-19 Italian economy the recipe passes through the registration of multiple domains: first of all to have domains with keywords that concern their business, then to protect the brand, to grow the business and to innovate.

First of all, having domains with keywords that relate to the work activity of the company is of fundamental importance because by creating with these domains sites developed with SEO techniques, the visibility of the search engines in the paid search is practically guaranteed.

To protect your brand you need to buy domains with various extensions, it is not enough to have the domain with the extension .it or .com but you must also have it with the extensions, eu, .net, .org, and so on.

This prevents competition from taking advantage of your trademark and gaining visibility with your brand.

Doubts about wanting to buy two or more domains is a fairly common place.

To protect their name, large companies buy as many TLDs as possible, where TLD (top level domain) means precisely the extensions .it, .com, .net etc …

If your market is only Italian then you should create the site on the domain of your .it brand and then the other domains will redirect them to the .it.

If instead you expect your market to be international, probably with a bilingual site then it is better to develop the site on the .com and then redirect the other domains to the .com.

To grow your business and make the most of the power of the internet, you must also create and develop the domain or domains that you purchased that contain the keywords related to your business by applying SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques or sites optimized for search engines. Research.

This way your site will always be at the top with certain keywords in the search engine listings in the unpaid results.

The more the site is well developed by the SEO expert, the more the site will be visible for longer in the first places of the first pages of the search engines.

Innovating your company with greater visibility on the internet is one of the first things to do.

It is often thought that innovation in a company is launching the latest product made on the market, this often happens in large companies, but if you have a product and you do not advertise it correctly on the internet, the visibility of innovation is lacking.

How many times have I heard answers from some entrepreneurs that in order to be innovative they preferred to optimize the manufacturing processes and invest in machinery and as far as the internet was concerned, the company website was enough for them.

Today it is no longer so, if you want to continue to survive, it was seen during the lock down period due to Covid-19: only the companies that had an online e-commerce have continued to sell.

Having domains and related sites that contain the keywords of the company business is of fundamental importance to keep up with the times.